About the author

A few words to introduce myself.

My name is Robert Cauneau.

I discovered the concept of basic income by surfing the Net. The idea seduced me immediately. Having made my career in the public finances, I concentrated initially, in a natural way for me, on the aspects relating to its financing. However, over the months, I realized that I was attacking the construction of the building starting with its walls, neglecting its foundations. I therefore oriented myself towards a research concerning its justifications.

Reading an article by Floran Augagneur (here) impressed me deeply, influenced me, and reinforced me in this new approach. Starting discussing the cost and the way to fund the basic income, or also how to simplify the socio-fiscal system in place, without first asking the question of which society we want to live tomorrow, « What is a just society? », does not seem to me very fertile. Indeed, if, as Yoland Bresson, one of the first promoters of the idea, wrote, « the income of existence is likely to genetically modify the society », it seems to me essential, as a first step, to draw the contours of the society in which we want live tomorrow, which will be able to accommodate basic income, and to study it as a medium and a means of this change, rather than addressing it only for itself. It is, from my point of view, not only to better establish the argument in his favor, but also to ensure its durability. Let us not forget that one of the hypotheses put forward to justify the dismembering of the welfare state since the 1980s by the neo-liberal wave is the consequence of the weakness of its theoretical base.

My thinking and my research are motivated, in a first time, by the definition of a solid theoretical corpus for the basic income. It is a question of answering the question « why », that of its theoretical foundations, before answering the question « how », that of its content and its financing, an issue which, as General de Gaulle said, falls under of « social engineering and economic technic ». Thus defined beforehand, the theoretical base will allow me to logically base a proposal of basic income, theory and practical proposal forming a complete and coherent whole.

Activist for a basic income, I am a member of the French Movement for Basic Income (MFRB).

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